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(Warning : Slightly bloody)

Darkness, that's all he ever saw. A little boy in a world of pitch black and darkness. A little boy and his bird, his bird he raised by himself. The bird that was like him, in a world of darkness." Blake stop standing around, come on!" Blake shook his head and held Jay, his bird, closer to him as he went with his friends. He loved going out with his friends but hated how they didn't see the darkness like him. He hated how he and his bird were the only ones but he dealt with it.
Entering the arcade he attempted to follow his friends through the large and loud crowd. Panicking, he lost track of his friends and tried his best to head to a booth or table where he could sit and wait out the time with his bird.

" What's a little boy like you doing all alone?"

Blake flinched, surprised at hearing the voice. Jay gave a squawk before nuzzling himself into Blakes pocket. Blake tilted his head toward the voice, a man he assumed.

" S-Sorry sir, I just lost my friends when they went into the crowd."

The man chuckled," then they must not be very good friends, what's your name?"

Blake cringed slightly, he didn't feel good about this.
" Blake, my bird's name is Jay."
"Is he called Jay because he's a blue jay?"
Blake nodded," but I can't see blue so I called him Jay."
"You can't see blue?"
"I'm blind sir."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Blake. Well my name is Bay, mascot of Arcade Bay! I'm glad to meet you. You know I'm actually a blue bird like your friend too!"
Blake tilted his head, confused at what he meant but sighed.
"Jay is blind too, I raised him on my own."
After a slight pause he continued," I wish we could see.." he whispered.
"I can help you with that! I have a friend who should know how to help, come on, grab onto my wing."

Blake hesitantly grabbed onto the wing realizing it was metal. Shivering he walked with the man away from the crowd.

"He's just in here, not too far away."

Blake nodded as the man opened the door and shoved Blake inside. Blake reached out with his hands and kept himself from squishing Jay in his pocket.

"Michael! I found a kid!"
"I'm coming! I just finished the new modifications to the suit." A lower voice grumbled.

Blake started shaking and curled himself up with Jay held tightly against him. Hearing footsteps grow closer to him he held his breath.

"He looks perfect for the job, what do you know about him?" The lower voice asked to the metal bird.
"He's blind but-"
"Blind? Are you kidding me?"
"But he'll be able to see in the suit so it's fine!"

The metal bird man said seemingly annoyed. The deeper voice huffed before walking up to Blake.

"What is that in your hands kid?"
"I-It's my friend, Jay. He's mine, you can't have him!"

Blake held the bird tighter and felt him grab onto his jacket. A small silence came before the man responded.

"A bird hm? I'm sure he must want to fly."

With that he was harshly grabbed and the bird was quickly taken out of his hands. Yelling, Blake tried to fight off the metal bird man that was holding him back.

"Shut up kid, he's just going to be able to finally fly and see."

Blake continued to yell as he heard Jay screech and cry out before immediately cutting off with the sound of bones breaking. Mortified, Blake froze, crying still before yelling and wailing.

"You monster! Give me back my friend!"
"You want your friend? Here, have him."

Suddenly he was shoved to the ground and he felt around the floor for his friend. Finally he felt feathers and grabbed onto his bird friend. Sobbing, Blake felt a warm liquid cover his hands and a very putrid smell emitted from Jay.

"Stop whining. You'll be seeing him soon anyways."

Blake stopped crying before tilting his head up toward the deeper voiced man. Suddenly everything went black.
Darkness greeted him again but a shining light emitted, drawing him to it. Suddenly the light vanished and he looked down at himself, he could see! Looking around him, he saw a dim lit room with tables and machinery. Laying on the floor was him and Jay. His heart lurched and he felt grief over the loss of two lives and felt sick seeing blood oozing from his head and from Jays. Darkness greeted him again.
Blinking his eyes open, he was able to see again except this time through large eye sockets. Confused he tried moving but couldn't. Slowly he began to see a dark figure in the shadows of the room. He looked menacingly cruel with a crooked smile and glaring eyes. Looking at his hands he saw a box with a button on it. The man clicked the button and Blake suddenly felt a new wave of information fill his brain. He was Bay, the mascot of Arcade Bay. Goal? Bring entertainment for the children. Alternative goal? Kill his murderer.

"You can move now."

He looked at the man, a name popped into his brain. This was Michael but who was the metal bird and where did he go?

"Look at you, you can finally see, you know what the world looks like, you're with your bird and you can make others happy."

The man laughed before leaving Bay to himself. Blake looked down at himself and saw blue metal, moving his arms to view he saw metal feathers. His feet had been replaced with bird talons. His body was now a metal blue bird. Screeching in grief he screeched again from shock at his cries being replaced with the screech of Jay but more electronic now.

"Why me?" Bay whispered.

Bay flinched, hearing his new deeper electronic voice. Slowly sitting down, he hugged himself and cried in grief. He was in a new darkness, not a darkness he had his whole life but a darkness of evil and cruelty he felt from his murderer Michael. With that, Bay vowed to protect all children and get his revenge.

(Woo! That took a while but was fun!)
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CatsSketch Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017

Arcane-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
xD I figured it wasn't enough at first but then I decided it'd probably be better not to give the image of a kid being shoved into a mechanical suit soooooo
CatsSketch Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
Oh damn,you got a wild mind!
Arcane-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Listen to some creepy pasta then you'll know what kinda mind I have xD
CatsSketch Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
XD It kinda reminded me of FNAF. You know? The stuffing? The killing?
Arcane-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was the idea, sorta. Michael is an actual character ya know, he's purple guys son soooooo

If you check the last cut scene after custom night golden freddy you get to hear Michael talking to his father. ;) it's really cool so I thought Bay would be one of the many children he'd try to "piece back together"
CatsSketch Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017

You watch game theorists too?
Arcane-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, Markiplier who has theories of his own
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